Bullying – much is occupying our media at the moment regarding this ‘ever increasing in intensity’ social phenomena. My ex-Nababeepian friends have recently touched on this not so delicate subject. Bullying seems to have become a many faceted problem in our Aussie society? Appears to be the same everywhere. Thinking back – Geez bullying was rife in my schooldays, plus a lot of sadism. An incident – never to be forgotten: Just before moving to Nababeep; at Oliver Lodge School – Standard 4. I was a lively kid, but a favourite of Mrs Park our teacher. I got too big for my boots one day and talked as we filed into our class after ‘break’. She was having a ‘bad hair day’ and sent me out to stand next to the door on the veranda. Of course, I nearly freaked, and went to hide behind the open door. Lo and behold – our principal, Mr Kloppers appeared, grabbed my ear and marched me to the front of the class. “What’s the problem”? he asked. Mrs Park said that I was “showing off”. The bastard then grabbed me, grabbed the feather board duster (a huge stick with feathers at the end), sat down on the chair and pulled me onto his lap. He proceeded to hit me with all his force until I started screaming.  I sank my teeth into his leg – which provoked him into a frenzy. He could or would not stop. The teacher started crying, including the girls in the class. He then stopped, pushed me off his lap and left me to get up from the floor; then left the classroom without a word. That day – not a whisper in the class! My parents, on seeing the bruises and open weals, were extremely angry – but – did nothing! Of course, I still have a vivid memory of that day – nearly 60 years on; and irrationally – avoid anyone with the surname ‘Kloppers’.