Little did we realise what we were getting ourselves into! We were advised in Maun that the road to Sunday Pan was a cinch. “No worries mate” (the local Botswanian advised us in perfect ‘strine’ – “take the short cut to Ghanzi – only about 160 km or so – roads are not perfect – but OK”. We fell for this and set out on a Saturday morning to tackle the Kalahari Central National Park. The first photo leaves little to the imagination – 77 km of straight, virtually impassable sand road – and thatbefore the gate! At the gate, there was no record of our booking; people in Maun had gone home for the weekend, so we left our credit card number with the ranger and set out to our campsite 120 km away. There were no decent signs in the park,roads were a nightmare – but most animals liked the road, rather than the bush.
Beautiful encounters though – which offset our rising sense of doom.

The so called campsites were non-existent. Of course, we didn’t know where the f*&% we were? Panic set in – Dedrie drove the 4 x 4 at maximum speed (5 km/hr)into the setting sun – heading West – ever West!

As the sun set, we drove past an obscure sigh – lo, and behold, a camp, actual existing camp appeared. We cheered, “high fived” and made camp for the night.