The risk manager speaks. On our first night in Maghoto - I "wisely" decided to rather sleep on the camp bed just outside the door of the tent which was fully occupied by Dedrie and Hilda, whereas the space on top of the 4 x 4 was fully occupied by Peter and Ella. I reasoned that I could easily creep into the tent if necessary. I settled for the night under my mosquito net and drifted off to sleep - to be woken by a yell from Peter - "Dad watch out, a hyena at your feet!". In the circle of light I saw this huge hyena staring at my scrumptious feet  - licking his/her chops. Needless to say, I jumped off the stretcher and shooed the beast away. From then on, the better option was to share with Hilda and Dedrie. My snoring proved to be less of a hazard from then on.

Oh how tranquil during the day! 


We’re not that interested now!


We made sure that we were at least 50 m from the water’s edge

"I am waiting
for the foot to slide,
for the heart to seize,
for the leaping sinews to go slack,
for the fight to the death to be fought to the death,
for a glazing eye and the rumour of blood.
I am crouching in my dry shadows
till you are ready for me.
My place is to pick you clean
and leave your bones to the wind".